The apparatus used by the Barneveld-Brigham Fire Department has changed over the years, but our commitment to the safety of Barneveld, Brigham, and the surrounding communities is the driving force behind keeping our trucks and equipment in top-notch condition. 

The following is a list of the apparatus currently used by department:
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e1 right imagee1 left imageEngine 1 (E1)

Manufacturer: Central States

1999 HME Chassis

6 seats   |   1250 gallons per minute (GPM) pump    |   1000 gallon tank
e2 right image e2 left imageEngine 4 (E4)


1984 Ford 8000

5 seats   |   1000 gallons per minute (GPM) pump    |   1000 gallon tank
e3 right imagee3 left imageEngine 3 (E3)

Manufacturer: Central States

2002 Freightliner FL112

5 seats   |   1500 gallons per minute (GPM) pump    |   3000 gallon tank
Engine 2 (E2)

Manufacturer: Rosenbauer

Year: 2015
• 8 seats
• 1500 gallons per minute (GPM) pump
• 1000 gallon tank
Equipped with a full complement of rescue tools and firefighting equipment
Brush 2 (B2)

Manufacturer: Polaris

2016 6x6 Ranger

• 2 seats
• 80 gallons per minute (GPM) pump
• 80 gallon tank
Off Road Tracks  |  Stokes basket for rescue  | Paid for by donations from the community
image of b3b3 imageBrush 3 (B3)

Manufacturer: Ford


• GFRA slide-in unit:
     250 GPM pump
     230 gallon tank
4 seats  | Used to pull 6x6 Ranger (Brush 2)  | Paid for by donations from the community

Car 1 (CR1)                    


2019 F-250 STX
• 5 seats

Rehab & Command vehicle  | Used for hauling firefighters to and from the fire ground and training centers
Apparatus Timeline

1937- Barneveld buys their first fire truck, a 1927 Stoughton pumper from Mount Horeb Fire Department

1948- Town of Brigham buys a new 1948 Chevrolet pumper tanker

1967- Town of Brigham buys a new International Harvester (IH) tanker

1968- Village of Barneveld buys new International Harvester (IH) pumper

1984- After the tornado, the newly formed Barneveld-Brigham Fire District purchased:

  • (2) pumping engines (E2 is the only one of these two engines left in service today)
  • (1) tanker
  • (1) brush truck
  • (1) rescue van donated by the local Chrysler dealership

1997- Purchased a Ford L8000 Marion squad (current S1)

1999- Purchased HME Central State engine (current E1)

2002- Purchased Freightliner FL112 3000 pumper tanker (current E3)

2004- Purchased Polaris 6x6 all-terrain vehicle (current B2)

2006- Purchased Ford 350 4-door mini pumper (current B3)

2015- Purchased Rosenbauer 4-door rescue pumper (assigned E2)

2016- Purchased Polaris 6x6 ATV for use in search and rescue (assigned ATV1)

2019- Purchased Ford F-250 STX Command Car (assigned CR1)

2023- Purchased Ford F-350 XLT Brush Truck (replaced old truck and has been assigned B1)

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